Bastiaan Broere & Isabelle Elshout, winners of #startup24 contest by Tony de Bree.

Two of the winners of the free copies of ‘Kan het vliegen? Van idee tot succesvolle startup’, Bastiaan Broere & Isabelle Elshout of the #startup24 contest, had their 1 hour free consulting session last week in The Hague about their own student startups.

It was a a great meeting with these two promising young founders, Isabelle Elshout en Bastiaan Broere, about their ideas, the possible paying customers and how to differentiate themselves from the pack in their respective businesses.

With a focus on innovative earnings-models, solution bundles, online & offline startup marketing in all three stages including scale-ups and much more. I think they have a good chance to get of the ground and to make it fly. Great. They are real winners because they grasped the opportunity to get feedback and took the time to come over. THAT is real entrepreneurship. Great. Here are all the winners.


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