Workshop 1: ‘From idea to successful startup’, by Tony de Bree, Monday 2nd of October 2017 at the University of Groningen.

Workshop 1: ‘Will it fly? From idea to successful startup’ at the Careers Week 2017 in Groningen.

On the second of October 2017, I will give two workshops for students at the Groningen University during the Careers Week, the Faculty Economics and Business where a obtained my PhD. Great!

Here is the description of the first workshop.

Workshop 1: ‘Will it fly? From idea to successful startup’ (Monday 2nd of October from 11.00 – 12.30).

You will discover the main reasons for startups & scale-ups to fail and what you can do as a founder or co-founder to increase your success rate in choosing the best idea and turning it into a successful startup and scale-up next to your studies or after your studies. We will do a number of exercises from ‘Will it fly? From idea to successful startup’ to get you ‘off the ground’.

This workshop is specifically aimed at students that want to become or are already a founder or co-founder of a startup next to their studies or after their studies.

Register yourself asap.

Subscribe yourself the moment this  workshop is online (shortly after the 12th of June 2017) because the last two years, my workshops were sold out fast. So go here!

Good luck and see you in October!

Tony de Bree
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