Free break-out session 1st of March 2018 at the Venture Cafe in Rotterdam.

The success of your business depends a lot on yourself and ‘with whom you are going to do it’. Also investors often make their investment choices based on the maturity and competences of the team that’s running the business.

In this free masterclass, at the Venture Cafe, I will share practical tips and experiences on how to build your founders-team, your Lean startup-team and your Scale-up team successfully and how to build your own unique business ecosystem. To grow & scale and stay entrepreneurial at the same time.

Thursday the first of March, I will do a free break-out/masterclass session on the topic of how to build the best team in the different stages from pre-startup to Scale-up organization at the Venture Cafe in Rotterdam. One of my favorite venues, favorite managers and employees. Register yourself here now.

This topic is actually covered in detail in chapter 6 of the bestseller ‘how-to-book’  in Dutch: ‘Kan het vliegen? Van idee tot succesvolle startup’: ‘with whom are you going to make a success out of your business idea?’Check it out here or here.

See you next week Thursday at 18.30 in Rotterdam.


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